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16th October - Allan Harris - "Travels of Myanmar"

This is the website of York Photographic Society, York's longest established photography club and indeed one of Britain's earliest photographic societies. New members are always welcome to this thriving, friendly and energetic camera club.

YPS Committee Members & Potted Photographic "Biographies" 2018/19 Season

In common with most organisations of this size, York Photographic Society's programme, direction and strategy is determined by a small committee. YPS Committee Members are also active contributors to the Society and have a wide range of experience of photography, which they are happy to share with others. To help new members, here are pictures of the current Committee Members along with a little bit of information about them. We are all happy to be approached and asked for photographic help and we have outlined our interests to help you see who is best placed to give you advice should you seek it.

YPS President::Alison Taylor LRPS

Alison Taylor’s main interest lies in landscapes and seascapes especially in Yorkshire, the Northumberland coast and the Lake District. 

She spends most of her holidays in the UK as the scenery is just stunning and she loves the unpredictable light and weather. 

Alison achieved her LRPS in June 2018 and is now busily planning for the ARPS.  The intention is to compose a portfolio of coastal photographs featuring just the sky and the sea on the north east coast.  

She recently had an article published in the On Landscape magazine where she wrote about her favourite photograph by Jenifer Bunnett and how it relates to her own work .  It can be read on the On Landscape website

Alison's website is at www.alisontaylorphotography.org

Treasurer::Frank Adams

The first time that I used a SLR camera, a Pentax K1000, was in the mid 70’s while I was in the forces. I then purchased my own SLR a Practica MLT which I used for a few years until family life took over.

I never lost interest in photography and around 2010 I decided that a decent camera was in order, a Nikon D40 was purchased which has gradually been to upgraded to my present set up of a Nikon D750 with various lenses.

My main interest is in Landscape Photography, which may have something to do with wandering over all the Scottish Munro’s and visiting some fantastic places that would not normally be visited.

 YPS General Secretary::Alan Greenaway


As a student I was sponsored by Kodak and worked for them for 18 months and in several departments.  This left me with an interest in photography and photographic processes, and inspired me to acquire a 35mm camera.

I began research into photographic emulsions for electron microscopy, but was seduced by opportunities to live and study abroad, and did no photography for a long time.

Renewing my interest in photography later, I bought a second-hand medium format camera (which I kid myself that I’ll use again if I can get the film), but again work pressures led to the abandonment of photography.

I retired in July 2014 and joined YPS in the autumn that year.  Noting that mobile-phone inspired developments now delivered enough resolution to match the performance of most camera lenses in a 35mm format, I acquired a DSLR in October 2015.  YPS is the first such club of which I have ever been a member, and I am very happy with my decision to join it.

YPS Programme Secretary:: Chris Hart

I’ve had an interest in art and photography for a number of years but became more determined to make photography a hobby when I retired in 2011, after working 40 years in the printing industry.

I joined YPS, my first camera club, in 2012. I have found that being a member has improved my Photography, and I have also gained much needed knowledge of file converting software. The many talks that the society present have inspired me to try different genres and styles of photography. I’m still experimenting, still learning and still trying to find my own style. 

I purchased my first DSLR, a Nikon D90 in 2006 and I currently use a NikonD7100 with various Nikon, Sigma and Tamron lenses. I shoot Raw files and process them using Adobe Lightroom and occasionally Adobe Elements or Google Nik Software.  I print my own images using an Epson R3000 A3 printer.

Some of my images are posted on my Flickr site https://www.flickr.com/photos/chrishart_york/

YPS Joint Print Secretary:: Allan Harris 


Allan Harris Mugshot.jpg

I've been involved in photography since I was given a simple point and shoot Agfa Silette when I was about 13. Fortunately our school had a darkroom and so I learned the rudiments of photography and printing, if not much else at the time. Eventually I inherited my brother's Praktica SLR and set up my own temporary darkroom. My first colour film went through the camera in 1963 and I managed to double expose all the slides. Never again! At least I learned that lesson. During university my number of photos decreased, but I continued and I've never really stopped. Since digital photography I've been taking even more photos and now print from my desktop in the 'Light Room'. Joining York Photographic Society, I think about 14 years ago (we were still in Central York) reinvigorated my photography and the lectures and contact with my fellow members and so it continues. For a couple of years I enjoyed serving as President of the Society as well as a preceding period as Print Secretary (so I got to see all the prints before the competitions.)

I am a generalist photographer - I'll take anything and everything. I'm getting better at people photography but my main choice has to be landscape and flora rather than fauna. 

My ambition is to finish digitising my slide and negative collection (probably 30,000 images to go) as well as take more photos and improve my photography.

PS and I'm Print Secretary again!

YPS Digital Image Secretary::Allan Highet

I have enjoyed photography since my student days. I joined YPS in 1982. My interests are fairly general and pictorial, with an emphasis on landscape. I make my own prints which can be challenging, but when successful can bring additional satisfaction.

YPS Joint Print Secretary::Anthony Ward

I retired in 2002 after nearly 45 years in the printing industry.  I got my first camera in 1965, a Pentax SLR bought second hand from Savills, Monkgate York.  After a few years I moved on to another Pentax, a Spotmatic F (which I still have).  I then moved over to Canon (AE1,T90, EOS3) Not until 2009 did I take the momentous decision to go digital (with a Canon 40D).  Next up a7D and now a 5DMk3 is my current camera,used mainly with a Canon 500f4  usually with a 1.4x converter.
In the early years I did a lot of motor sport photography,-Formula I, Sports Prototypes, Historics, Motorcycle racing and Rallies.  Since going digital I have concentrated mainly on birds and other wildlife especially dragonflies.

Since joining the YPS (my first camera club) I would like to spend more time on my landscape photography. I am a big believer in "Continuous Improvement!"

A selection of my photos are on my Flickr site: https://www.flickr.com/photos/antonyward/

YPS Committee Member :: Jocelyn Hayes

Version 2

I became interested in photography from being an art and design student in London. With my first salary, I bought a SLR camera (film). Then later, moving to York followed courses at Impressions Gallery.  It was when my work in public relations became focused on editorial work in publishing and for magazines, that I then started to develop an interest in photography and to consider its potential. In the last 8 years, I have enjoyed being part of a couple of photographic groups, given talks and taken part in group publishing projects and exhibitions. Some of my prints and an article were published in a recent RSP publication (on York Cold War Bunker) and I’d like to publish more in the future. Now, being a member of YPS, which is active with projects, competitions and guest lectures, means being able to draw ideas and inspiration from others. Through my interest in art, art history and in heritage, I am particularly interested in built and historic environments (urban and heritage), though increasingly drawn to photographing people and in street photography. I am keen to develop and apply a creative eye to my photographic projects.   


You can see some of my images on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/139704150@N08/

YPS Committee Member:: Peter Bayliss

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