York Photographic Society

The first meeting of the new season is on Wednesday 4th September at 7.30pm. See blog for more information

This is the website of York Photographic Society, York's longest established photography club and indeed one of Britain's earliest photographic societies. New members are always welcome to this thriving, friendly and energetic camera club.

20th April 2016 - President's Evening - Peter Bayliss Exploring Creativity in Photography-

Exploring Creativity in Photography - Peter Bayliss

Peter will present four separate themes on creativity

1. Lenses - Here Peter will show images made with a selection of lenses including extreme wide angle, Tilt shift and Macro. Ever heard of looming ?

2. Line Colour and form - An exploration into some of the themes of composition and creating impact. Contrast, balance and negative space ? Never heard of them !

3. A visual Essay on York Minster - We all know this amazing building, but can you go there and look for angles and places to make that image ? So, what is a Vertirama ?

4 Movement - Known as Intentional Camera Movement, Peter has been waving his Nikon about to try and make some creative images. Some say it is like Marmite. Others just absolute rubbish. Judge for yourselves. The Leatt cup panel is one of the images.

Peter will bring a selection of prints for those who love looking at the detail. These can be handled for a closer look. There are over 200 images, so I will have to say very little.

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