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21st February "Pocklington CC Exchange Visit"

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The More I Practice, the Luckier I Get. - Roger Hance FRPS

7 October 2015 7:30 p.m.

This talk includes over 100 prints which cover subjects from Portraits, Natural History, Sport, Landscape, Nude, Creative and Photojournalism. 

In 1985 Roger joined the Royal Photographic Society and in 1990 Roger was awarded three Fellowships simultaneously in the Portrait, Applied and Pictorial sections.  In 1998 Roger was also awarded FRPS for the Nature section.

Roger has specialised in Nature over the last 10 years and sits on RPS selection panels and judging panels for national competitions.

Since turning digital, Roger has also taken a lot of sport photographs.

Roger enjoys giving talks and lectures and approaches these with a light hearted outlook.

So tighten your belts and brace yourselves for an enjoyable and exciting ride through the various categories of prints to be presented.

Images from Roger's web site http://www.rogerhancefrps.com .

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