York Photographic Society

21st February "Pocklington CC Exchange Visit"

This is the website of York Photographic Society, York's longest established photography club and indeed one of Britain's earliest photographic societies. New members are always welcome to this thriving, friendly and energetic camera club.

Making an "Impact"

This week's YPS meeting is another project night. The theme this week is "Impact" which is open to a range of interpretations.

Either email your images (5 or so, if possible) to John Illingworth or bring them along on a thumbdrive or CD on the night.

As usual, they should fit within 1400 pixels horizontally by 1050 pixels vertically and be JPEGs saved in the sRGB colour space. Name them as in the following examples:

  • 1Collision-RussellWatkins
  • 2Crash-RussellWatkins
  • 3Bang Wallop-RussellWatkins

i.e. NumberTitle-Name

We'll be putting images up from each member who submits images to the Project Night & if there's one you particularly want to showcase, append a "-W" at the end (e.g. 3Bang Wallop-RussellWatkins-W).

Looking back to last week, I'm sure we all enjoyed the visit by members from Normanton. We were treated to some stunning images from Iceland and the Venice Carnival and it will really be a hard act to follow when we make the reciprocal visit.

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