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21st February "Pocklington CC Exchange Visit"

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Howard Tate and the Next Few Weeks

As promised, Howard Tate brought along his A1 and A2 sized prints and we all enjoyed having a good look at them. And yes, they were impressive.

His subjects ranged from landscapes to travel portraiture and there was an interesting diversion to "linear panoramas" which take a lot of time and effort to produce but the end product is spectacular so I'd say it's worthwhile. His production of linear panoramas arose after Howard chose to produce them for his Masters degree project.

Also impressive was his desert tree series which was presented along with fascinating anecdotes about Arab culture.

mage © Howard Tate :: All Rights Reserved

mage © Howard Tate :: All Rights Reserved

Next week, we are hosting a few members from Normanton who will be presenting some of their work. These exchanges are always interesting and give us an insight into the culture of nearby camera clubs and photographic societies. 

The week after, it's another YPS Project Night with the theme being "Impact". Interpret that as you will. More details on image formatting and naming will follow so watch this space.

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