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21st February "Pocklington CC Exchange Visit"

This is the website of York Photographic Society, York's longest established photography club and indeed one of Britain's earliest photographic societies. New members are always welcome to this thriving, friendly and energetic camera club.

Lewis Outing - Jerusalem In May and Next Week's "Water" Project

There was another treat for us YPS members last night as Lewis Outing took us on a photographic tour of Jerusalem, complete with religious artefacts, bullet-damaged walls, witnesses to miracles and dastardly, fibbing shopkeepers who ply their potential victims with mint tea, bare-faced cheek and the promise of a quick photo for a little baksheesh.

Lewis's images did justice to the remarkable history of this troubled region, its peoples and its splendid architecture. As well as a sharp eye, Lewis obviously possesses a steady hand as many of his images were shot without a tripod in the gloomy alleyways, catacombs and dimly lit chapels and churches dotted around the city. 

Image © Lewis Outing :: Jerusalem in May

Image © Lewis Outing :: Jerusalem in May

Lewis described the layout of Jerusalem and took us through the narrow streets of the Christian, Arab and Jewish Quarters as he battled herds of tourists to get the shot that no-one else even thought of taking. 

Whatever your views on religion and the politics of the Middle East, there's no denying that the story of Jerusalem is a fascinating one and Lewis showed us a series of images that reflected this. Shalom and salaam.

Image © Lewis Outing :: Jerusalem in May

Image © Lewis Outing :: Jerusalem in May

In contrast to the desert conditions of the Middle East, next week (15th October) we are having a Project Night where members show their own images for critique and informal discussion. The theme is "Water".

Some water, earlier this year :: Image © Russell Watkins :: All rights reserved

Some water, earlier this year :: Image © Russell Watkins :: All rights reserved

So you've just over a week to put together up to 5 images. There can be no excuses; we've all got taps, the forecast is for a wet week and York has a few rivers to choose from. So get snapping. 

For new members or those of you who are thinking of joining as members, Project Nights are informal evenings where we present digital images on a given theme. The photographer can explain a little about how the image was taken and why they took it and other members can ask questions and offer suggestions in an open forum. So, audience participation is essential. 

For Project Nights, digital images should be resized to be no more than 1400 pixels along the horizontal edge and 1050 pixels along the vertical edge. The sRGB colour space should be used with images saved as JPEG files. Bring your images along on a USB thumb drive on the night.

We'll try and put at least one image per member on the website from those who submit images for a Project Night. For this reason, give your images filenames that include your own name [e.g. Ansel-Adams-1] - note that this is not the case for Competition entries! - and if there's an image you'd particularly like to go on the website, put a 'W' after the number [e.g. Ansel-Adams-2W].

Project Nights are probably our most popular evenings and is seen by our members as one of the ways that YPS membership improves our photography.

A reminder that we meet at the Poppleton Centre on Wednesday evenings from September to May. Poppleton Centre is easily accessible and there is ample free parking. Tea & coffee is served during or after the meeting and there is a bar at the centre where we have a bit of a social chit-chat after the meeting closes.


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