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27th September "All Round Colour and a little Black and White" Stephen Dean Further information on the Blog

This is the website of York Photographic Society, York's longest established photography club and indeed one of Britain's earliest photographic societies. New members are always welcome to this thriving, friendly and energetic camera club.

27th September "All Round Colour and a little Black and White" Stephen Dean

Steven writes: -


“I started a serious interest in Photography back in the 1970’s when as a student, working in a bakery, I bought my first camera, a Rollei B35. I joined Bolton Camera Club also in the 1970’s where I learned to appreciate the fine art of monochrome print making.

After moving to Yorkshire in the 1980’s I joined Pontefract Camera Club and have been fortunate to serve on the committee for many years spending times as Programme Secretary, Competition Secretary and President. I have built a portfolio of print work over the years which I to take to other clubs as a YPU Lecturer. I also serve as a Judge within the YPU.

My main interests in Photography are Landscape and particularly Urban Landscape. Prints are my favourite media. I am also a regular attender at the Yorkshire Monochrome Group in Shipley, well recommended for any club member interested in monochrome.

I am a retired Pharmacist and had the pleasure of working with one of your members, Rob Swallow, towards the end of my career. My other interests are reading history, a little watercolour painting and I am a season ticket holder at Bolton Wanderers.


I visited York PS on an exchange visit in 2015 with monochrome prints, I will bring some more monochrome prints which I have done since then and a portfolio of colour prints. The Colour Prints have a general theme of landscape and low light photography.  I will also bring a few older prints of Berlin taken prior to the fall of the Berlin Wall.”

20th September " Landscape Photography: Lightweight Tools and Techniques" Robin Whalley

Robin writes of his talk

"I am a self-taught photographer with a love of the outdoors, a passion for software and a skill for sharing knowledge. I started my photographic journey in 2000, first with film, before moving quickly to embrace digital technology. Mastering digital technology for me was a defining moment in my photography. It finally allowed me to achieve the images I could see so clearly in my mind. What I didn’t initially realise was that many more photographers were also struggling with this problem.

In 2012 I began publishing photographic guides through Amazon. These were designed to help people improve their photography and image editing skills quickly. The approach was to present information in understandable chunks, backed up by practical examples. I now spend most of my free time writing books, developing courses and running my website.

Landscape Photography: Lightweight Tools & Techniques

There are three key components to creating good photography:

1.   Developing a clear vision

2.   Technical mastery of the camera

3.   Good image editing

This presentation looks at how I apply all three of these to Landscape Photography in my lightweight approach.  The message is that you can shoot great landscapes using a small camera in a shoulder bag. I will also show that image editing can be easy and intuitive when you use the right tools and understand a few basic points."

13th September "A Tour of China" Keith Hunt followed by member's print critique

Keith writes about himself:-

“I joined YPS early in 2016. Photography has been an interest of mine on and off for many years and after I retired from printing I wanted to do as much travelling as I could so a combination of these two interests was ideal. Apart from travel photography my main subjects so far have been Various Sports and Steam Locomotives although since joining YPS I have been trying more Bird/Wildlife and Landscapes. I use a Canon 7D MkII & 5D MkIII with a series of lenses depending on the subject.”

And of his talk:-

“The tour of China takes the viewer from Shanghai to Beijing, taking in along the way many things, The Yangtze River, Giant Pandas, Terracotta Warriors, The Great Wall and more. This is an AV presentation as I felt that setting the show to music enhances the mood”.

In the second half of the meeting we will be having a member’s print critique. Bring along a print(s) to share with other members and discover ways if any that may improve your image.


6th September "Out of my Comfort Zone" by members of the Society

We start our new season 2017-2018 with an open evening. Eight members of the society have accepted the challenge to take photos in a different genre “Out of their comfort Zone”. A small selection of some of the images are in the gallery below. We look forward to hearing why the different members have chosen their “new” genre, the challenges they faced and of course the result of their efforts.

Topics include:-

Peter  Bayliss, Back to Film;   Don Proud, Portraits;   Alison Taylor, Street Photography;  Morris Gregory, Candid Camera;   John Illingworth, More Than Landscape;   Charlie Eddington, Wildlife;   Rob Swallow, Infinite Learning Curve;   Tony Marsh, Flash Photography; and Allan Harris, Candid photography.


Exhibition Preview 11th August

Alison writes "On Friday 11 August YPS is holding a reception at the Nether Poppleton Tithebarn to celebrate the opening of the Annual Exhibition and the YPS Committee would very much like to invite members of the society and one guest to this event.

The Right Honourable, the Lord Mayor of York, Councillor Barbara Boyce is attending from 6.00pm so it is appreciated that you arrive before then in order to be at the introduction and official opening.  It is a problem if people arrive after the start. 

Drinks and nibbles will be available whilst you look at the exhibition and it will close at 8.00pm.

We hope that you will wish to attend the reception and the YPS Committee looks forward to welcoming you on Friday 11 August.

Success at the YPU Annual Exhibition in Huddersfield

The Society has been successful at this year’s YPU exhibition.

Two members received Certificates of Merit; Neville Turton for his print “Golden Eagle Taking Off” and Tony Marsh for his DPI   “Fritillarias in the Snow”


In addition, four other prints were accepted


Allan Harris, York Minster Illuminated

Peter Bayliss,  Misty Common

Alison Taylor, West Burton Waterfall

Neville Turton, Black-veined White Balkans


And there were also four acceptances in the Digital Projected Images


Harry Silcock, Bicycle on Stairway

Tony Marsh, Fungi Fireworks

Tony Marsh, Water Vole Reflection

Neville Turton, Grizzly Chasing a Fish.


3rd May AGM

The final meeting of the year is our Annual General Meeting . It is very important that all members of the Society attend so that a new committee and President can be elected.

During the meeting the trophies awards and for this year’s competitions will be presented to the winners

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