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29th November Digital Projected Images and John Saville Competitions judged by Peter Thompson

This is the website of York Photographic Society, York's longest established photography club and indeed one of Britain's earliest photographic societies. New members are always welcome to this thriving, friendly and energetic camera club.

29th November Digital Projected Images and John Saville Competitions judged by Peter Thompson

We are very grateful to Peter Thompson who is judging our two digital image competitions tonight. Peter has the unenviable task of choosing the winners from over seventy images from 26 members in the Digital Projected Image competition and similarly choosing the winners for the John Saville competition where 14 members have submitted 28 images.

Last year the standard was extremely high, and this year there are some stunning pictures taken by our members.

22nd November Project Night "Minimalism" Club members

A new challenge for the Society’s members, to produce a series of images to reflect the project night’s topic “Minimalism”. Come and see how this might have been interpreted. An enjoyable evening when images are shared by members in a light-hearted atmosphere. Allan Highet will be moderating the evening. With over 130 images to see it will be a fantastic evening, don't miss it.

15th November "The Adventures of Monoman" Steve Cheetham

Steve writes

“I’ve been keen on photography from a very young age and my interest in monochrome started with many hours spent in the darkroom learning how to process film and print.  My interest has been re-invigorated over the last few years and my process is now entirely digital.  I’ve been lucky enough to be able to travel to various parts of the world whether on solo trips, with friends or on workshops and have been steadily building my portfolio which is based around landscapes, coastal scenes and modern architecture.




 In the presentation I give a brief introduction to myself, look at some photographers that have inspired me and some examples of their work.  I then look at my approach in camera and also run through two examples of how I process my monochrome images.  After a break, I then go through my portfolio, discussing the images and what they mean to me.”



8th November "Drawing Targets around Arrows" Ernest Howard

Ernie writes:-

“Without giving away too much before I talk to you, I am a keen amateur photographer who has been a member of Driffield Photographic Society for almost 40 years.  I do not specialise in any particular type of photography but if pushed I say I prefer landscape.  I am a prolific photographer having done four 365s where I have taken a picture a day for a year and currently have almost 6500 pictures on my Flickr site.  https://www.flickr.com/photos/howarew/

My talk is a presentation of how I approach my hobby of photography and an attempt to encourage amateur photographers to go out and see, take, and present good images.  It is fast moving and shows a vast collection of images to inspire and teach and hopefully is fun for everyone.”

1st November "Dingle, My Only Place" John Hooton FIPF, FRPS, M.FIAP

From John’s web site:-

“For the last thirty years I have been captivated by the ever varying light and mood of Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way. Exploring this region has offered me an insight into the way our landscape has transformed andevolvedover centuries. The fragmented Irish Atlantic coast from its mountains to the sea is a wealth of natural beauty. It is in this space that I find solitude. From the subtle colours of early morning light, the Irish landscape compels me to capture it. Ireland's notorious changeable weather provides a challenge and there is a depth and emotion which each ray of light imparts on this demanding landscape. My images reflect the changing light, and my use of a wide angle lens lends to it a better sense of place and location. The strong use of foreground intensifies the image, while the infinite expanse of ocean reminds us of the vastness of our world. It is here, in Ireland, with its wind and rain, sunshine and cloud, that I find inspiration for my work.”


25th October "In the Wake of Eric the Red" Derek Chatburn

Derek is now retired, and in his eighties, he has been a member of the Society for some fifteen years.

His presentation covers a journey by sea to Greenland visiting briefly the Faroes and Iceland enroute paying especial respect to the achievement of ‘Eric the Red’ who made virtually the same voyage and who reached the same destination in the tenth Century AD

18th October "Distinctions" Sally Sallett

Sally writes of herself

"I joined Wakefield CC in 2010 after seeing their Members Exhibition in the local shopping centre. I’d always taken a lot of photos but never considered it as a serious hobby.

I started entering club competitions with mixed success, took on advice from others & gradually became more proficient.

Following much nagging from senior members, I got an L panel together for the RPS & attained the distinction in 2013. I later achieved the CPAGB in 2015 & ARPS in 2016. I also began to enter BPE & FIAP salons .....  it all gets quite addictive!
I’m currently WCC President and a judge & lecturer for the YPU.

In the ‘Awards’ talk, I hope to dispel some of the mysteries surrounding obtaining distinctions with RPS, PAGB, BPE & FIAP & hopefully encourage more members to ‘have a bash’.
I shall display both print & PDI versions of several successful panels to illustrate my presentation and hopefully answer questions from those interested in getting some ‘Letters’."

11th October Project Night "Wings"

Tonight, is the first of this season’s project nights with the theme of wings. Bird wings, angel wings, car wings, aeroplane wings …… come and see how members of the society have interpreted the subject matter.

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