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21st February "Pocklington CC Exchange Visit"

This is the website of York Photographic Society, York's longest established photography club and indeed one of Britain's earliest photographic societies. New members are always welcome to this thriving, friendly and energetic camera club.

21st February "Pocklington CC Exchange Visit"

We welcome members of Pocklington Camera Club to the Society for the first exchange visit of the year

Jeny Clarkson      Changing face of Berlin through the years.
David Lowe          subject to be confirmed.
John Newstead    Phun with Photoshop
Julian Startup      Steam Punk photoshoot.


14th February “Before and After”:- Members of the Society

Members of the society have been invited to submit two images of any subject in any genre. The first image straight from the camera without any form of post capture editing, the second image being the same photograph post digital manipulation. The members will talk briefly about how the final picture was achieved and alternative ideas for post capture manipulation will be discussed from the floor. All images to be with David Beverley by 11th February.

7th February “An Icelandic Saga” John Illingworth L.R.P.S. and Morris Gregory C.P.A.G.B.

John and Morris have independently visited the incredible country of Iceland to try and capture some of the beauty and diversity of its many attractions, ranging from glacial lagoons to verdant valleys and sulphurous geothermal vents.  Our joint presentation will generally follow the circular route 1 around the island in a clockwise direction with a few diversions here and there. Iceland has a great deal to offer landscape photographers and the number of tourists visiting the country has increased enormously over the last few years, so our advice would be to get there as soon as possible while there are still plenty of places relatively free from hordes of other photographers. Hopefully our talk will show how we have approached the same subject in different ways and found subjects quite independently of each other.

24th January "Images from the Land of Kings" Sanjay Gupta

Sanjay writes:-

“I am a consultant cardiologist at York hospital and first started photography when I was fortunate enough to visit Boston Massachusetts in Feb 2009 to pursue a fellowship in cardiac imaging. Whilst there I joined a photography night class at the New England School of photography and did a series of workshops lasting the whole year, After getting back, I started developing an interest in travel photography and particularly travel portraiture. In 2011, I was fortunate to be one of National Geographic Traveller's photographers of the year. Since then I have been a finalist twice in the Wanderlust Travel photographer of the year and in 2016, I was runner up in the prestigious 'Faith through the Lens' competition which is organised by the BBC.

In 2015, I was fortunate enough to visit the wonderful Pushkar Camel festival in Rajasthan in India and I am looking forward to sharing some of the images I took from 'the Land of Kings'”


17th January Project Night "Looking up"

Our 3rd project night of the season has the challenging title of “Looking up”. Many different and interesting interpretations of the subject from trees, staircases, aeroplanes and many more. Project nights are a relaxing evening when we can enjoy each other’s pictures without the anxiety of competition

10th January "Multiple Exposures – Achieving a Broad Commercial Portfolio" Steven Parker

Steven writes:-

“I studied photography at art college way back in the 80’s before working as an assistant to several photographers at studios in Manchester and London. I then went on to work at the BBC in their photographic department and after that I spent nearly a decade working for a photographic agency ‘Retna’.

As a freelance photographer over the years I have shot live music, editorial commissions and press & p.r work as well weddings and portraits.

Multiple Exposures is a talk about the demands and challenges from working with a diverse range of clients and I’ll be sharing some of the images and accompanying stories that have resulted from my time as a photographer ~ from being a stand-in for Miss World to driving George Osborne around a power station.”

3rd January “All you need to know about street photography” Harry Silcock

Harry says

“I have been an enthusiastic photographer for some 60+ years, having built my own enlarger and darkroom at the age of 16. I joined York Photographic Society in 1963 and left some years later, due to work and other commitments, and was able to re-join again when took early retirement 20 years ago. In the past I have built two large format cameras and I was a late convert to digital photography.”


In his talk Harry will start by looking at the history of street photography and briefly looking at the work of some earlier practitioners. This will be followed by looking at the legal implications of taking photographs in public places. He will be suggesting the best gear to use and his techniques of using it.

The talk will be fully illustrated with some of my street photographs taken in both the UK and abroad.

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