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28th March "What Makes Me Click: Motivations and Techniques for Amazing Images" Doug Chinnery for more information see blog

This is the website of York Photographic Society, York's longest established photography club and indeed one of Britain's earliest photographic societies. New members are always welcome to this thriving, friendly and energetic camera club.

28th March "What Makes Me Click: Motivations and Techniques for Amazing Images" Doug Chinnery

Doug Writes: -

“About me - I am a full time professional teacher, writer, printer and photographer. I make images which are mainly abstract and impressionistic in nature using intentional camera movement and multiple exposure techniques. I haven’t won any awards and I revel in obscurity with my wife and my faithful dog, Stan.


My talk - I think you asked me to discuss my development as a photographer from my early work as a more conventional landscape photographer, turning professional and my gradual move away from the more accepted forms of photography into the styles I now practice which tend to be more painterly, abstract and less representational. I will include some discussion on the actual in-camera techniques as well as the thought processes and some ideas on working in projects and the benefits of perhaps breaking free from the constraints of conventional techniques or thought processes.”


21st March Project Night "Querky"

Our last project night of the season. The subject is “Quirky”, all images to David Beverley, no later than midnight 18th March. We’ve already had some interesting pictures on this topic

14th March "Have Camera – Will Travel" Will Cheung FRPS

Will says of his talk:-

“My talk will cover some places I have visited with my camera, techniques I use and kit I take and also how some projects have no borders.

It is some years since I have been to YPS so I will reprise some old work and chat about current projects too.

So……the title should be Have camera, will travel anywhere to use it.”

28th Feb "The Trials and Tribulations of a Nature Photographer" Neville Turton

Neville writes

"We often look at photographs but perhaps rarely think about the circumstances in which they were taken or how the photographer arrived at the point of capturing the image. I am going to spend some time showing a few of the situations I found myself in, my experiences and the effort, determination and patience that was required. I will also be showing a selection of some of the final images that I managed to take home with me."

21st February "Pocklington CC Exchange Visit"

We welcome members of Pocklington Camera Club to the Society for the first exchange visit of the year

Jeny Clarkson      Changing face of Berlin through the years.
David Lowe          subject to be confirmed.
John Newstead    Phun with Photoshop
Julian Startup      Steam Punk photoshoot.


14th February “Before and After”:- Members of the Society

Members of the society have been invited to submit two images of any subject in any genre. The first image straight from the camera without any form of post capture editing, the second image being the same photograph post digital manipulation. The members will talk briefly about how the final picture was achieved and alternative ideas for post capture manipulation will be discussed from the floor. All images to be with David Beverley by 11th February.

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