York Photographic Society

The first meeting of the new season is on Wednesday 4th September at 7.30pm. See blog for more information

This is the website of York Photographic Society, York's longest established photography club and indeed one of Britain's earliest photographic societies. New members are always welcome to this thriving, friendly and energetic camera club.

4th September: Open Evening

The first meeting of the new season is on Wednesday 4th September starting at 7.30pm. The committee is looking forward to catching up with current members and welcoming new members at the meeting.

This year we ask that everyone submits or brings one digital photograph (1600px x 1200px) which has acted as a motivation for their photography. As the images are displayed we would like the owner to talk about why this photograph is so important and why it has motivated their photography.

We are also planning on having a token buffet to provide time for everyone to mingle.

We are also hoping to set up a live feed to John Illingworth who is currently on a 4 month tour of Scandinavia and the North Norway coast.

24th April - President's Night: Out of Yorkshire - Alison Taylor LRPS

Our outgoing president, Alison Taylor, will be presenting a selection of her recent work, both digital and print, taken outside the boundaries of Yorkshire.

17th April - Steve Gosling presents "A beautiful Silence"

Steve is an award winning photographer, Fieldwork Professor for Phase One and Ambassador for Olympus, Manfrotto/Gitzo tripods and Permajet.

In November 2016 Steve had the pleasure of being an instructor on a Luminous Landscape workshop to South Georgia & Antarctica.

He spent three weeks sailing in the Southern Ocean, visiting amazing landscapes and witnessing the wildlife close up.

This talk is the photographic story of the trip along with Steve’s reflections on the journey – the photographic challenges such as working in sub-zero temperatures, shooting from zodiacs and the deck of a moving ship etc. - the equipment considerations, the joys, frustrations and rewards of a journey of a lifetime…

3rd April - Chrissie Westgate - 'Mixed Blessings'

Chrissie uses her heart, her mind and her eyes to take pictures because photography is not just about seeing: it is also about feeling. This presentation explores Chrissie’s skills and delight in portraiture. 

Chrissie Westgate is an international award-winning photographer with many years’ experience. She enjoys all aspects of the art form of photography. 

She specialises in informal portraiture, and has undertaken many trips abroad, and has been a regular visitor to India. Her stunning portraits have become very collectable, and are held in many private collections around the world. 

Chrissie says: “A photographic image can expose so many emotions and almost always transcends nations. Images are such a capable and powerful way of exposing situations of conflict and misery throughout the world and offer a compelling means of bringing about change; the essence of being a people photographer is gratitude. I am constantly grateful for the opportunity to see and spend time with people and to make images that allow me to share what I have seen with others.” 

Chrissie’s work has been exhibited in The Victoria and Albert Museum, The Royal Albert Hall, The Greenwich Museum, The Menier Gallery and many local galleries. 


27th March - Mark Littlejohn - “Atmosphere and Mood”

York Photographic Society welcome the 2014 LPOTY winner, Mark Littlejohn, to speak about his landscapes. "I do not see landscape photography as a boring, staid, gear minded pursuit - for me it is an adrenaline filled thrill seeking ride through a landscape I love. It is about capturing the emotions we feel when we are in the right place at the right time, it is about not showing everybody, everything all the time. It is about working out what to leave out as well as what to put in. It is about using the heart and the head in unison and processing our images in such a way as to merely enhance what we felt at the time".

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